Nano 2019

Lexi shifted from foot to foot in the hallway. It wasn’t from nerves, but the idea that the past six months of work was coming to fruition. Behind the graffiti-scrawled walls and corners that reek of urine was a drug house for the Death Knights. As a narcotics detective, Lexi had led the charge. With everyone in position, she yelled “Police, open up!” There was silence on the other side of the door, until the first strike of the battering ram. One more, and the door broke open. The room exploded into chaos. “Get down!! Down on the ground!!” A few seconds later, three men and two women were lying face down. A loud cry came from the bathroom and Lexi went to investigate. 

No sooner had she thrown the door open than a gorilla of a man charged at her. His eyes were crazed like he was high on PCP. Knocking her to the ground, Lexi lost her grip on her service weapon. The man’s teeth gnashed as he lowered his head. Lexi screamed and seconds later the man slumped onto her chest. Blood was flowing freely from his mouth. From out of nowhere, two SWAT guys lifted him off Lexi and threw him against the wall. “You ok, ma’am?” The younger one asked as he helped her to her feet. The guy had blonde hair and blue eyes. “Yeah..I’m fine. Probably OD’ed on his own supply..” The raid had turned up 100 kilos of coke and enough guns to stock a small army. Grabbing a towel to wipe the blood from her face, Lexi nearly missed her phone ringing. It was the Lieutenant. He was probably calling to congratulate her on a job well done. With a tap, she put it on speakerphone. “Lexi.”

“I need you downtown.” “I’m kinda in the middle of something here. Drug raid, lots of coke and guns, remember? You agreed to the raid.”  The Lieutenant cleared his throat loudly, obviously not amused by Lexi’s attempt at humor. “I’ll handle it. Downtown, now.” He rattled off an address and hung up before she could respond. “Ok…Ramirez, you’re in charge. I’m needed downtown.” He gave Lexi an odd look, but nodded.

As Lexi approached the address that the Lt had given her, she was surprised to see the road had been blocked off. There was a growing crowd that she had to push through to reach the crime scene tape. It was nearly midnight, and in the center of the crowd sat an ambulance. The red and blue lights blinked on and off, but there was a man slumped in the passenger seat.  “What’s going on?” Lexi mumbled to herself as a plainclothes raised the tape for her. She hadn’t noticed before, but the LT was already here. “Seriously, you called me away from a raid six months in the making for a..” Lexi gestured toward the ambulance. “Carjacking?” The LT’s expression didn’t change. “Go get a closer look..”

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